Aderser   In/near Adderser: “Hadishu Ma’asker” or “new camp” 25 kilometers from Sawa camp, (see below) Military camp/training center   underground         US State Dept. Report 2005, HRW interviews
Adi Abeto (Adi-Abieto)  10 to 15 kilometers northeast of Asmara off the road to Keren Main prison for Asmara; also used as processing center to send prisoners elsewhere   HRW interviews, Amnesty International 2004, US State Dept. Report 2004
Adi Nefas Assab Military detention centre    
Adi Qala (Adi Quala or Adi Kwala) 40 kilometers north of Ethiopian border, off main road from Asmara through Mendefera Military prison   HRW interviews
Agip Asmara Police-run facility   HRW interviews, Reporters sans frontières
Alla (Ala) 40 kilometers from Asmara, near Dekemhare town   Old prison from Italian days HRW interviews, Amnesty International, 2004
Assab Frontprison also known as “Gimbar Assab Military prison   HRW interviews
Baharia Naval Base Massawa Military facility   HRW interviews
Barentu Barentu town Civilian prison   HRW interviews
Dahlak Kebir Dahlak archipelago, islands in the Red Sea Maximum security Specifically for “political” prisoners, including those returned from Malta and Egypt HRW interviews, Amnesty International, 2004
Duarwa South of Asmara on the road to Adi Quala before Adi Ugri     HRW interviews
Era Eiro (Eiraeiro) Filfil-Selomuna area north of the Asmara-Massawa road Secret jail, not acknowledged by the government Some of the G15 were reportedly held there HRW interviews,
Gedem Gedem, 40 kilometers south of Massawa   The site of forced prison labor for the construction of a naval base HRW interviews,
Ghatelay (Ghatielay) About 40 to 45 kilometers northwest of Asmara off main road to Massawa Military Forced labor camp to build a military base there HRW interviews
Halhalas Sub-provincial prison 45 kilometers from Asmara (possibly part of Alla)   Specifically for those caught trying to cross the border HRW interviews
Kambo Ndafurstale In Sanafe town Military jail   HRW interviews
Klima Near Assab     HRW interviews
Mai Daga 45 kilometers south of Asmara (near Decamhare)     HRW interviews, Amnesty International, 2004
Mai Duma/Dima/Dyma South of Asmara off Mendefera Barentu road about 10 kilometers. West of Areza. Military   HRW interviews
Mai Srwa Outside Asmara Political prisoners and Pentecostal pastors Shipping containers reported HRW interviews, Amnesty International, 2005/6
Mai Temenei   Military prison   Amnesty International, 2004
Metkelabet Between Massawa and Asmara Military prison belonging to the 32nd division   HRW interviews
Me’eter Between Nakfa and the coast     HRW interviews
Nakhura Island Part of the Dahlak complex of prisons Maximum security First established as colonial prison in 19th century to incarcerate Eritrean objectors to Italian rule HRW interviews
Prima 1+2   Military prison   HRW interviews
Camp Sawa   In/near Sawa: 6th camp or “Enda Shadushay” and Abi Masker Along Sawa river, in far western Eritrea near the border with Sudan, about 10 kilometers south of road midway between Sebderat and Hawashayt Military camp/training center     Draft evaders, Pentecostal conscripts, and those trying to flee the country HRW interviews, Amnesty International 2004,
Sembel Asmara suburb Possibly the normal prison of Sembel town, but also mentioned as a place for political prisoners Inmates mixed: civilians, military, and Ethiopians HRW interviews,
Tehadasso   Military Shipping containers reported Amnesty International, 2004
Tessenei Tessenei Military   Amnesty International 2004
‘Tract B’ Asmara Military A former US storage facility near Asmara airport HRW interviews, Amnesty International, 2004
Tsererat Asmara Military Mainly for EPLF veterans, underground cells Amnesty International, 2004
Wi’ya/Wi’a/Wieh Including a particular unit called “Enda commando Red Sea Coast, about 40 kilometers southeast of Massawa, off road to Assab Military camp/training center   Enda Commando is a zinc unit above ground HRW interviews, Amnesty International, US State Dept. Report 2005

Source: Human Rights Watch